3 Taste of the British Isles Experiences

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The British Isles, are a small but fascinating part of that world. While only 315,159 kilometers squared, it has a lot of offer.

First a quick lesson in terminology.

As the lovely map lays out for us the British Isles are the whole group of islands.

The UK includes Scotland, England, Whales, and Northern Ireland. While

Great Britain is Scotland, England, and Wales.

Thanks Encyclopedia Britannica!

I could go on an on about all the wonderful things these islands have to offer. It's a lot! From history, to culture, to nature, there's something for everyone.

So where do we start?

We start with a taste, an appetizer, to introduce you to these fabulous Islands.

Here they are,

3 Taste of the British Isle Experiences

1) Take in the Fringe Festival

This is the primer theatre festival! Lot's of West End and Broadways shows get their start here. Most recently was the musical "Six." It takes place during the month of August in Edinburgh.

2) Step back into the History of the Titanic

In Belfast, Northern Ireland is where the great ship Titanic was originally built. So it's only fitting that their have built a museum here as well. The site the museum sits was the location of the ship yard that constructed the "unsinkable" ship. The museum is an truly interactive one, with a Titanic Experience, take the Discovery Tour to understand the significance of the building, and walk the decks of the last remaining White Star vessel - SS Nomadic. If you are a history buff, this truly is a must see.

3) Take in a National Park

Did you know the UK (which we now know is Scotland, England, Whales, and Northern Ireland) has incredible national parks? I didn't!

The UK though small in area, has a diverse landscape. See rolling green hills, ancient woodland, impressive mountain peaks, idyllic lakes and rugged moors.

Cairngorms is the UK largest national park. Located in the Scottish Highlands its is home to 5 of 6 of Scotland's highest peaks.

Want more British Isles? While we will be going deeper in experiences these Islands have to offer. So keep checking back!

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