Is traveling now, during Covid safe?

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Me outside of the main Palace in The Hague, Netherlands

I had the amazing opportunity to travel to the Netherlands & Paris this October.

This was my first trip to Europe and I completely fell in love, like I didn't want to leave.

I felt so at home there. It was wonderful.

What was the trip for?

This first part of my trip was a special one only for travel advisors called a FAM (short for familiarization). It was put together by the Dutch Travel Advisor. Our schedule was jam packed with hotel visits and experiences. This type of trip helps give me a feel for the hotels we visited, as well as the types of products and services they offer. The Dutch Travel supplier is an on-site (meaning they live in the Netherlands and are from there), who puts together custom trips for the Netherlands & Belgium. They are a fantastic supplier.

What is flying like right now?

Other than having to wear a mask the whole time, flying feels pretty much the same. Cramped legs and lots of movies watched. When I checked in in Moncton I showed all my documents needed to fly to that country, which at the time was vaccination status and health declarations. I had the right papers and check in went smoothly.

What’s the COVID situation like in the Netherlands?

You have to show your vacation status to get into restaurants/bars and as well as museums.

But for the most part there are no masks.

Could this change? Yes. But for now, it feels like old times traveling there.

I travelled on by train to Paris.

What’s traveling by train like?

You had to wear your mask onboard, just like on the airplane, and when I got off in Paris there were border control officers there to check passports and vaccine papers. It moved fairly quickly and I was on my way.

What’s the COVID situation like in Paris?

I’m calling Paris the New York of France. But don’t let that fool you. Paris is a get up late, stay up late city. Take 2-3 hours to eat lunch, or sit in a cafe, drink a latte, and watch the world go by. Enjoy life! And that is what I did. I loved it. And everywhere you turn it’s old buildings, and cobblestone streets.

So what?

Is COVID still a thing in these countries? Yes.

Do some countries have passes set up to get into things? Yes.

But do you still get to have awesome experiences and make memories? YES!!!

I got to make amazing memories, my first trip to Europe! I paid another to the rules and all the things I need to fill out. And that's why you have me. I am up to date on these things and will help make your trip as seamless as possible :)

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