My top suppliers for Genealogical tours of UK & Ireland

Family history. We all have it. But how much do you really know?

"I know I came from Ireland" or "from Scotland somewhere," maybe that's all you can say.

But where in Ireland? Where in Scotland? What town? Is the house your family lived in still there? Is there a pub named after someone in your family tree?

And how much do you kids know about where they come from?

With the quarantine this year, it has taught us that family and connections are what's truly important.

We may not be allowed to travel, yet, but we can plan. So why not plan that trip of a lifetime for you and your family?

Don't put it off any longer.

To help get the ideas flowing, here are a few great supplier connections I have that will help you great those genealogical trips of a lifetime.

Number 1:

I met this supplier at Virtuoso traveler week 2020. They live to bring about unique and personal experiences. They will work you to discovery your family roots in the UK, and then plan a tour around that.

This is also a family owned company, which I love! The picture of a real medieval duel experience. How cool?

Number 2:

A part of the TCC group (The Travel Cooperation) this great company is just opening up their sales market to Canada. They have a great reputation in the US already.

They will customize the trip to be exactly what you are looking for, in particular, ancestral tours! I met them at the Ireland Virtual expo just his past month. They specialize in Ireland, and Scotland. They also have a great book with confidence policy in place, so you can start dreaming of travel again.

Number 3:

I also met this supplier at the Ireland Virtual Expo in November. They specialize in multi-generational tours, and will connect you with someone to help with family research. They also so Scotland, as well as London.

Number 4:

This company packs a punch, but don't let their large size fool you. They have hearts of gold, and really care about not only the destinations, but the clients they take to them. From pre-built itineraries you can join to tailor-made trips, they are ready to give you the Luxury tour of the UK and Ireland you have been waiting for. The offer private excursions, even within their tours, which is also a great add on to a cruise.

Number 5:

They are a company that prides themselves on off the beaten path, and True luxury experiences. They have exclusive access to places others don't get to see. Whether that's someones private garden, or their sable, you get to experience things, no one else does. They are call their staff: creative planners. Creativity is in our DNA at Kay Kreative Travel, so we have a special soft spot for this company!

There you have it. Five great plan everything for you suppliers I have access to. They are ready to bring your genealogical trips to life.

But wait, there's more!!!

I have to mention two other special companies. They don't do everything (eg, hotels, private transfers). No, they do day tours. These aren't your average cheeses ones, They are special. Read on to find out.

My Bonuses!!!

They offer day tours from a few hours to a full 8-9. From A Ghost and Witch Hunt around Edinburgh, to a Church Hills War room tour, to Savoring Dublin Food and Drink tour, all are private and all are special. Their guides are historians, archeologists, chefs, artists and more, that are ready to share their passion with you.

This company is 34 years old, run by the lovely Nicola Butler. We got to meet at the virtual Virtuoso Travel week 2020. She has connections to things of dreams. What to go to the queens birthday party? She can make that happen.

These are local led, bespoke adventures you can't get anywhere else.

And there you can it!

Are you getting the travel planning urge?

Then let's chat!

Set up a one-on-one and lets talk about making those travel dreams come true!



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