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Luxury Elevated: 10 Reasons to Opt for Private Chartered Flight Journeys

The world is your oyster with these unique journeys, utilizing private charter flights to fly between locales. This allows you to see and experience more than you ever thought possible on a single itinerary.

What makes these journey's so special? Keep reading to find out.

1. Bask in Privacy and Comfort on Private Chartered Flights 

Chartered air travel means flying in private with just your group, skirting any airport crowds and often flying to and from separate terminals, making security procedures a breeze. Departures and arrivals are timed to work with your itinerary, and your dedicated flight crew aboard your chartered aircraft offers you superb personalized service in the air and on the ground, in a comfortable, sociable atmosphere.

2. Enjoy Unmatched Local Access and Authenticity 

These tours are operated by our valued partner, who has the most robust tour-operator-support network in the travel industry — over 55 offices in more than 30 countries around the world. We forge lasting, one-on-one relationships with the people that know your destination best, enabling you to experience each location on your journey from a truly local perspective.

3. The Resident Tour Director is a True Locals 

Our Resident Tour Directors have lived for decades, if not their entire lives, in the places you visit. They accompany you every day, sharing their unique understanding of daily life as well as your destination’s culture, history and wildlife. The result is a journey that connects you to the people and places you encounter in a way you’ll never forget.

4. Your Small Group Unlocks Experiences Far Beyond the Ordinary 

Wings Over the World Journeys are limited to a group size of around 14 guests on average. This opens up a world of insider access opportunities unavailable to larger groups and enables deeper interactions with your Resident Tour Director and fellow guests.

5, Inspiring Accommodations Open Only to Your Small Group 

Experience intimate luxury accommodations that are often only accessible to small groups like yours. From five-star oases to remote wilderness camps, we personally ensure that every accommodation reflects the authentic character of your destination while meeting our uncompromising standards of comfort and service.

6. Unique Moments Bring Your Destination to Life 

Experience locally inspired moments curated by our experts, such as a Ride Like a Local by cyclo or tuk-tuk or a Scenic Sundowner, a refreshing cocktail set in a breathtaking location at sunset. Design Your Day lets you customize your Wings Over the World journey with a choice of at least three expert-crafted activities.

7. Discover Your Destination Through Cuisine 

Local cuisine can be the highlight of any journey. Dine at popular local restaurants, enjoy a Chef’s Table culinary demonstration, and savour included à la carte dinners on your own. For a low-key start to the day, opt to enjoy a continental breakfast in your hotel room on two select days of your journey, compliments of us.

8. Included Luxuries that Matter Most 

Your journey includes everything you need to enjoy your time travelling: Traveller’s Valet mid-journey laundry service; Travelling Bell Boy, which handles your luggage safely between destinations; private transfers; all gratuities except for your Resident Tour Director; Internet access and more.

9. Private

You can make any journey private — the same destinations, hotels and sightseeing just for you and your party

10. Custom Journeys 

— or, create your own completely customized Luxury Tailor Made journey for you and your family or friends. The sky is the limit!

Enjoy a small group size, remarkable five-star accommodations rarely available to larger groups, and more time exploring alongside your Tour Director.

Interested in hearing more about the unique itinerary, or making a completely customized journey.

Sign up below to learn more.

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