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Six Continents, One Cruise: A World Cruise

Embark on a journey to the most remarkable historical, natural, and cultural destinations around the globe with a world cruise. Experience the epitome of luxury as you sail to the farthest corners of the planet, enjoying top-notch onboard amenities between each captivating port.

Adventure Down Under

Set sail past the equator to explore the wonders of Australia and New Zealand. Dive into the vibrant marine life of the Great Barrier Reef or experience the thrill of Zorbing in Rotorua. These unique nations greet visitors with unforgettable adventures and warm hospitality.

Nature enthusiasts should visit Darwin, Australia, named after the renowned evolutionary scientist. Here, you can explore the vast and rugged Northern Territory, where Aboriginal communities thrive, showcasing their incredible survival skills in the wilderness.

Next Stop: Asia

A cruise to Asia promises a rich cultural experience. In Tokyo, Japan, enhance your visit by mastering chopsticks and tea ceremony etiquette. In Vietnam, prepare to capture the beauty of intricate temples and pagodas through your lens.

In Hong Kong, indulge in a traditional dim sum feast, where an array of freshly steamed dishes is served from carts. Share an assortment of dumplings, buns, and even chicken’s feet with your family for a true taste of local cuisine.

Crossing the Old Silk Road to Europe

Head westward to Europe, where centuries-old history is evident in architectural ruins and preserved artifacts. From the pebbled beaches of Nice, France, to the majestic Mount Etna in Messina, Italy, European cruises offer diverse activities for every traveller.

In Bilbao, Spain, art and architecture enthusiasts will be captivated by the Guggenheim Museum. Designed by the innovative Frank Gehry, the museum’s titanium exterior appears like crumpled paper, creating a strikingly beautiful structure.

Traverse the Mediterranean to Africa

Africa, a continent rich in culture and breathtaking landscapes, is a rare but rewarding destination. In Dakar, Senegal, the influence of French and Dutch traditions is palpable in daily life, with the city now home to approximately 11 million people.

For a unique experience, don your swimsuit and visit Lac Rose (Pink Lake), known for its vivid fuchsia hues and high salt content, making it easy for swimmers to float effortlessly.

Sail to North America

Discover iconic landmarks such as Fenway Park and the Statue of Liberty on a cruise to New England. The east coast offers additional treasures, including Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Corner Brook, Newfoundland, where the maritime history of North America unfolds.

While in Boston, Massachusetts, treat yourself to a cannoli from Mike’s Pastry in the North End, renowned as the best Italian bakery in the city.

Latino Flair in South America

Conclude your world cruise in South America, where Latino culture thrives. The continent boasts diverse ecosystems and a rich culinary tradition of beans and rice. In Puerto Montt, Chile, seize the opportunity to explore Patagonia, one of the world’s last untouched wildernesses. With its rugged snow-capped mountains, charming villages, and unique wildlife, Patagonia offers a fitting finale to your global adventure.


There you have it, 6 continents you can explore on a world cruise.

Interested in learning more about world cruises? Sign up below to A World Cruise: Unveiling the Journey and Why it's Worth it.

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