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3 Reasons why taking a Virtuoso Voyage Hosted Cruise is a must!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

As a Virtuoso exclusive agent, I have the ability to offer you something special.

What is that you ask?

It is something called a Virtuoso Voyage Cruise.

Let's back up for a second.

In case you don't know, Virtuoso is a global network of travel agencies who specialize in luxury and experiential travel who partner with over 1800 hotels, cruise lines, tour operators and more. Not anyone gets to be a virtuoso partner hotel, cruise line, etc. But any traveller can benefit from a virtuoso property, if you book through me ;)

So now let's dive into what a Virtuoso Voyage is. It is a cruise that the cruise line has already planned it its itinerary, but with a Virtuoso Voyage stamp on it.

These can be hosted or un-hosted, which I will explain later.

You get your same awesome cruise experience with Oceania, or Cunard, to name a few, but with some added exclusives that make you feel like royalty!

Here's what you get!

1) You get a personable Virtouso onboard host.

These hosts are professional travel agents, like myself, who love to help make your vacation better. They will meet you on board and be there to answer any questions. Maybe you need shore excursion advice because you haven't booked them yet? They are there to help.

2) A private, hosted reception.

This is exclusively for virtuoso clients, that means you if you have booked through me. Enjoy a time of socializing with other virtuoso guests onboard and some delicious food.

Who doesn't love a private party!

3) A exclusive full-day shore event or an onboard credit

This is not your average shore excursion. This could be a private tour with your own car & driver, or a small group tour. We use local tour operates so you are sure to get an authentic experience. They offer the best available guides and transportation, taking you to private venues, museums and homes for unique behind the scenes visits. Many tours will also feature local entertainment to enhance the visit and allow you to meet locals who are passionate about their home and culture. Most also feature fine dining experiences, showcasing the regions specialties. Whether its a Michelin-starred restaurant or a rustic tavern, the meal is an integral part of what sets a Virtuoso Voyages experience apart from other shore excursions. (And everything is included!)


You can choose an onboard credit of usually $150 USD per person (1st and 2nd passenger in the stateroom) depending on the cruise line. This gives you flexibility to use it on the ship as you wish. Try out some speciality dining, or have that fancy bottle of wine. Maybe you’re a spa person and you want to treat yourselves to a couples massage. It's there for you to use, exclusive to Virtuoso Voyages. Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection's onboard credit is $400 per couple!

Side note: Some Virtuoso Voyages are not hosted. But don't worry! You still get that awesome onboard credit as a benefit because the cruise line is a part of Virtuoso.

To end, here's a video from Virtuoso that sums up what a Virtuoso Voyage is.

Does this get your travel wheels spinning? Have more questions about Virtuoso and Virtuoso Voyages? Then let's talk. Book an appointment with me today.

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