We're off to NYC!!!

Sometimes you just have to pack up and move to NYC!

What a right right!!

This has been a dream of mine for a while. The culture, the history, and just the experience! Oh, and the BROADWAY!!!!!

While my husband and I decided that this was a dream we needed to make a reality!

So here we are. In the big apple! Well, technically we are living in New Jersey.

How did we make this happen? How can you make this happen?

While here are a few keys things we learned in order to make this work.

Our airbnb!! There are two apartments here. We live upstairs.

Lodging: AirBnB

Now I know as a travel agent, airbnb is supposed to be a curse work for us. But for how long we wanted to stay here, this was the most economical for us. This gave us a studio apartment, with a kitchen and bathroom, about 25 minutes from midtown!

Depending on your budget there are lots of great hotels for week long trips here, and I will got into those in more detail in another post :)


Planning ahead was key for us. I was blessed with a husband that has been very good with his money. His fagality and intentional saving, helped us get here.

If you have a big travel dream, you can make it happen. It may mean you cut out the daily before work coffee, or the dinners out every week. But think of your long term goal. It will be worth it in the end.


We decided to pack up all our stuff and leave our place in Moncton. Since we didn’t own it, 3 months rent in two places in a lot of wasted money. So, that was an easy decision. When we get back we will live with family until we decide what city we want to get a place in.

All these things are what worked for us. I hope they inspire you and help you make your travel dreams come true!

Husband (Jamie) and I :)

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