What is a CTC?

Having letters after my name, it's something I've always wanted. But my lack of ability to solve a chemistry equation made me realize that MD or even RN were never going to be in my future. Enter travel.

CTC stands for a Certified Travel Counsellor. It is a registered distinction with ACTA, the Association of Registered Travel Agencies.

So what exactly does this mean?

1) I've been tested.

There is a challenging knowledge portion to receiving the CTC distinction. You are tested on travel industry knowledge, administration set up, sales techniques, and professionalism. I studied hard in the summer of 2020, and passed the test. Passing the test isn't the only requirement, which brings us to number 2.

2) I've complied hours.

This has been done through a combination of how long I've been working my business with my host agency, as well as any trainings, conferences, or webinars I have done. You need so many hours to earn the distinction. Once I hit that this December, CTC was officially awarded.

3) I'm recognized throughout Canada

CTC is a national travel industry distinction. It is a mark of excellence, and a recognition of my competence as a travel professional.

I am elated to have completed this process, and am looking forward to putting my travel industry knowledge to use to help you make your travel dreams come true.

PS: Is there a budding trip on your mind. Now is the time to plan. Let's chat. Schedule a one on one with me HERE!

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