What's in a niche?


Why do we do what do?

It’s a question I ask myself daily. Why I am I getting up an grinding, so I can fill my bank account with money, but not have time to do what I really want to do.

Why do I not do more of what I want to do?

For me, that want to do is writing.

I love writing. It fuels me! It doesn’t feel like work.

But the grind of the day to day was taking away from my mental energy to write.

Enter stay at home travel agent!

Say what?

I get to talk about this beautiful world with people? And help them plan trips, on which they will make memories that will last them a lifetime? And I get to control my schedule, meaning ill have time to write?

DING DING DING!! We have a winner.

As I’m navigating this vast world that is travel, I’m learning that there is SOOOO much to know. And even if you have been doing this for years, you can still never know all of it.

So I’m beginning to figure out what my niche areas are. Places that I have always been passionate about, that I can offer my unique perspective on.

Niche #1: Disney!

I have always loved Disney. As soon as the internet was I thinking I was reading the Disney website. Studying the parks and all the rides. Who knew I was training to be a travel agent ;)

I have been to Disneyland and loved it!

Niche #2: Theatre!

Now hold on, how can theatre be a niche? Well, lots of people take trips just to see theatre shows. And you can do this is style and luxury, and with a person (that's me) who knows the theatre world and loves the people that support it. Theatre is my main form of writing, and my fiances main form of income as an actor. I love the people make theatre a priority in their spare time, and would love to help you plan an unforgettable vacation about theatre. As Jamie and I prep to go to NYC in the fall, we have a list of shows we want to see. And I can’t wait to blog about our travel experiences and all the insider tips and things I learn while I am there.

Niche #3: TBA

While I’m still figuring out my other niche, I’m very excited about what lies ahead as I pursue Disney and Theatre travel.

I’m also excited about the stories that will come out of me as I get to travel the world. Ok, so NYC isn’t the whole world, but hey, it’s a start!!

This has been my trip of a lifetime. What will yours be?

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