World Cruise Wednesday Day 2 & 3: At Sea

After boarding the ship in Ft. Lauderdale we now have several days to enjoy our new home.

Cruise ships have lots to do, and this one in no exception.

Here are my recommendations.

1) Unpack!

Who wants to live out of a suitcase? No one. Take the time to unpack your clothes and get setting into your suite. Maybe even order room service and enjoy a quiet meal on your balcony as the sunsets.

2) Explore

No matter if you are on a small or larger ship, take the time to explore. Get to know where all the restaurants, bars, theatres, library, etc. are. You want to feel comfortable. This is your home, get to know it!

3) ⁠Relax in the spa.⁠

This ship has a fabulous spa. Why not start off your cruise right with a few relaxing treatments. They can be booked prior to your cruise so you don't have to worry about not getting it.

4) Take in a fabulous Broadway style show

You've gotten settled, had a meal, and a trip to the spa. On Day 2 why not check out a show. This ship has exclusive made for them shows you can't see anywhere else.

⁠5) Full yourself with delicious food.⁠

Having wondered the ship, it's now time to start indulging in the amazing food. This Cruise Line was Awarded “Best Cruises for Food Lovers” by Food & Wine Magazine.⁠ Yummy!!

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Karen Cordes, CTC

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