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3 Current West End Shows for History Lovers

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

My husband and I love theatre. On our recent trip to London we saw 8 West End shows. Two of which we new creations, and are included in this list.

One of the great things about theatre is it's a great way to learn about events of the past you may not know a lot about yet. I didn't know a lot about the American Revolution, until I learned about this below mentioned Musical. Theatre can help make history accessible to everyone! Ready to dive in the past with me?


Hamilton | NYC or London

Our first show is Hamilton.

Hamilton is a sung-and-rapped-through biographical musical with music, lyrics, and book by Lin-Manuel Miranda. He based it on the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chevrow. It covers the life of American Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton, and his involvement in the American Revolution.

Victoria Palace Theatre, London, UK

Of course creative liberties were taken, for the sake of story telling, but it chronicles Hamilton's rise from being an orphan, to becoming the presidents right hand man, his achievements, and his faults, and gives a voice to the woman of the story.

Hamilton can be seen in New York City at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, in London at the Victoria Palace Theatre, as well as various touring productions around the world.

This is still on my must see list, is it on yours?


Operation Mincemeat | Fortune Theatre, London

Operation Mincement Sign @ The Fortune Theatre, London

Don't walk, run - to see this musical. My husband and I saw it in London and we couldn't get enough. The description from their website says:

"The year is 1943 and we’re losing the war. Luckily, we’re about to gamble all our futures on a stolen corpse. Singin’ in the Rain meets Strangers on a Train, Noel Coward meets Noel Fielding, Operation Mincemeat is the fast-paced, hilarious and unbelievable true story of the twisted secret mission that won us World War II. The question is, how did a well-dressed corpse wrong-foot Hitler?"

I laughed so hard, but also cried! The physical comedy is excellent.

It is only set to play until November, in London. So let's get you on that plane!

Dr. Semmelweis | Harold Pinter Theatre, London

"We are the doctors of the modern age. We are marching into battle."

Top of show set for Dr. Semmelweis

This play stars Mark Rylance as one of medicine’s greatest pioneers, maverick Hungarian doctor Ignaz Semmelweis. He was the man whose research could save many millions of mothers’ lives. Women are dying in childbirth, and only Semmelweis can see the invisible killer at work. But he has to convince other doctors that they are culpable and need to change. Who knew something that seems so simple to us now, the act of hand washing, was so controversial not that long ago.

The show does a great job at conveying his mental battle with his discovery and the negative response. One of the was it does this is by the use of a string quartet on stage. Another is by the women that have died dancing around him, or in the background.

This play can be seen at the Harold Pinter Theatre in the West End for a strictly limited run this summer.


Well there you have it, 3 current must see shows. Two of the three I have seen, how about you?

Ready to add all three to the list of shows you've seen? Let me help you get there. Click the button below to get in touch.

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